Women’s Retreats

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Do your women want a FUN weekend of fellowship and Bible study together?

On top of that, do you want it for less than $100 a person?

CampPiankatankis offering Women’s weekend packages for only $80/person! This is not a big conference with big crowds and big price tags. It is just for the women in your church to pick a weekend convenient to you and get away for a weekend of simple fellowship and time with God.

Camp Piankatank Retreat Director, Niki Gourley, has authored a guided prayer and Bible study manual you can use, or bring a speaker, or study materials you would like to use.

We’ll do all the cooking and you get to stay in our new group lodges. Just because we are called a camp does not mean this is anything like camping. Our lodges have central AC and heat, a living room with sofas and tables, a kitchenette, large bathrooms with Rinnai hot water heaters (meaning you will not run out of hot water) and each lodge has at least one screened porch and deck. The views of thePiankatankRiver on our overlook will take your breath away.

The presented schedule is just a suggestion, be flexible depending on your group’s desires and interests- this is a relaxing weekend.

Suggested Schedule

Friday- Meet at a local inexpensive restaurant for dinner and carpool from there. Or meet at your church. Arrive at a time convenient for you any time Friday evening. If you can arrive at camp by dinner we can plan dinner here for you.


8:00am- Hot Breakfast of eggs, biscuits and sausage and cereals, with hot coffee and juices prepared by the camp’s staff

9:00am Session 1 from whatever study materials you have chosen

10:30am Morning Break and fellowship- if you would like, maybe have someone crafty coordinate a small, fun adult craft

12:00 Lunch- Chicken salad sandwiches, fruit salad, chips, and salad bar with juices and tea- Cookies for dessert

1:00pm Session 2

2:30pm Afternoon activities offered by camp staff. You choose, depending on the activity comfort of your group and weather- swimming in pool, canoeing, rock wall, zip-line, group games, more crafting, sports, sitting and talking, or go out for coffee.

6:00pm Dinner- Spaghetti, green beans, garlic bread, salad bar and cake or pie for dessert

8:00 Session 3

9:00 Have someone bring manicure sets or board games or stuff for ice cream sundaes. If you’re interested we’d be glad to set up a bonfire with s’mores for you.


8:00am Breakfast- pancakes, bacon, fruit, cereals, coffee and juices

9:00 Session 4

11:00 Head out, if you’d like to stay for lunch we can plan that for you, or we can set up bag lunches for you to take on the road.

As you can see, the schedule is flexible for you group’s interests and allows a lot of time for fellowship and time in God’s word.


Price- Two nights, with four meals, and activities – $80/person.

Administrator Notes

Important Note- you must have 15 or more attendees to be able to use our lodges and receive the package price.

Suggested Price includes- 4 meals (breakfast Saturday through breakfast Sunday), 2 nights of lodging and up to 3 hours of camp activities (these hours of activities are free as a part of our package so if you choose to only have 1 hour or no hours cost is not adjusted). We do provide s’mores at 1 campfire. The guided prayer and Bible study materials are provided for free if you choose to use them, please let us know if your plan so we can have them ready.

Please note we can personalize a package price for you if you want more or less meals. If you choose the route of a speaker for your Bible study times you will likely pay them and adjust the price you tell attendees. If you plan to provide snacks or crafts you may consider adjusting the price you tell attendees.

The “Guided Prayer and Bible Study Guide”, written by Niki Gourley, Camp Piankatank’s Retreat Director, is intended for significant amounts of time in personal prayer and meditation on God’s word followed by group discussion. The group is intended to start each session with a few minutes of group prayer, then the group will spread out and everyone finds a quiet place to be with God. On nice days there are many places around camp outside to find a beautiful view and quiet spot or some will probably go back to their lodge. After this time (30-45 minutes) pick a time and place to meet back together and go through the group discussion guide. Larger groups will split into groups of 10-15 for discussion. Women are encouraged to be open and honest in these discussions. The discussion is intended to be personal and open our hearts to each other and God’s working. Feel free to email us and we’d be glad to send you a copy to preview.


What to do next:

  • Choose a leader or 2. Ideal leaders are women in the church who know a lot of people and are able to do some coordinating.
  • Call us. 804-776-9552 or email niki.gourley@camppiankatank.org. Come seeCampPiankatank if you would like to. We’ll look at which dates are available on our calendar and talk about what your goals are for your event.
  • Decide a date with consultation between dates available with the camp and dates good for your attendees. Remember it’s going to be impossible to pick a date good for EVERYONE. Just pick one that’s good for most and go with it.
  • Decide your spiritual theme. The camp has organized a guided prayer and Bible study manual for women’s retreats, but you may also consider bringing and paying a speaker or using materials like Beth Moore or a book study.
  • Tell camp which date you’ve decided on and we’ll get it all set up. A 15% deposit of your estimated total cost will be due at time of reservation. You will need to estimate how many will attend.
  • Decide how you want people to sign up. Maybe the church secretary or one of you designated leaders. Decide how you want people to pay. We suggest being flexible with payments, asCampPiankatankrequires only one initial deposit and the rest is due after your event (we send you an invoice).
  • Get creative. Depending on your group’s interests assign a snack coordinator, cabin decorator, craft coordinator, sports coordinator or none if you just want to hang out, that’s fine.
  • Start advertising. Put it in the church bulletin. Call women personally, especially women new to your church will appreciate a personal invitation.
  • The camp will need your updated estimated total 2 weeks in advance and a firm total 1 week in advance.

Come and ENJOY.

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