The SALT Program

The S.A.L.T Program

We are excited to announce the new Servant and Leadership Training (SALT) Program. Formerly known as the CIT Program, the SALT program will operate more like a traditional track at camp. SALT Students will be in their own cabin and have their own counselor during their training week. They’ll go to their own activities that focus on transforming campers into servant leaders. They’ll have a unique experience when they go on their own campout with the other SALT Students.

During their second week of camp, SALT Students will be paired with a mentoring counselor who will let them experience hands on what they put into practice what they learned their training week of camp.

The SALT program will teach campers how to be Christ-like leaders through training and observation of our amazing counseling staff. The SALT programĀ is a great experience for the young leader looking to grow even more in their natural leadership. It’s also a great opportunity for the shy camper looking to learn and practice leadership skills.

Spacing for the SALT Program is limited to the first 12 applicants. We recommend applying early to the program to avoid being placed on a waiting list.

Age Requirements- 15-17 years old

Total Cost: $600- includes both weeks of camp, food, lodging, and activities.

Training Week (required)- July 15-20

Shadow Week- July 22-27


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