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CIT Programs

The CIT Program is a great opportunity for campers ages 15-17 to experience camp in a whole new light. You’ll have the opportunity to serve alongside our counselors. CIT’s have their very own CIT Training that coincides with our staff training. You’ll learn how to work with campers and even how to help out at the activities. During the week(s) you attend as a CIT, you’ll be assigned a cabin and a mentoring counselor. You’ll spend the week working with the kids and your counselor in a way that only CIT’s get to experience.

After attending the CIT Program, you will have grown in your responsibility, leadership, ministry abilities, and more.

To become a CIT is very simple:

1) Be between the ages of 15 and 17

2) Contact Matt Hunt for an application by emailing him at

3) Complete the application and interview process

4) Once accepted into the CIT Program, the CIT Director will give you training dates and you’ll be able to sign up for the weeks you want to attend as a CIT.


The Cost:

$175/week attending as a CIT.

The cost covers food and lodging for the week

The CIT training is free and we’ll provide food and lodging for it.

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