Support our Staff

If you don’t just want to give to our Annual Fund, there are some other ways you can support the ministry here at Camp Piankatank.  If you want to give money, but you want to know exactly where it goes, one specific way you can help is by supporting our Summer Missionaries.

Our summer missionaries work tirelessly for 3 months out of the summer.  All of them are college-age young adults, who have been called by God to give up their summer for His purposes.  They could make more money, they could probably have more fun, but they aren’t concerned about those things.  They want to make a difference in a child’s life.  They sacrifice time, money, and sleep to be faithful to God’s call.

We call our staff summer missionaries, for several reasons. They have been called by God to share His Gospel. They are going to a place that is often unfamiliar, and far from home. They will likely have difficult experiences, including conflicts with others, spiritual growth, and a lot of fatigue. We want everyone to understand, working at camp is a significant commitment, and one that should not be taken lightly. It’s not just something that one decides on a whim to do, rather it’s a decision that is made after much prayer and seeking. The most important thing to remember in all of this is the impact that each of these summer missionaries gets to have on a child’s life. It’s not just a time to have fun, it’s a time that eternal decisions are made, and everyone (not just our summer missionaries that come to serve) needs to understand the importance of these decisions that are made at summer camp.

As a summer missionary, some of the expectations of our staff is that they are willing to work where we need them (which doesn’t always mean in a cabin), that they have a Christ-like attitude while working, and that they help to raise their own support. We are committed to our summer missionaries, and if they are unable to raise their support, we still want to be able to bless them. However, they are each required to give us a list of at least 20 names that might be able to help support them for the summer. We understand that for a lot of students, asking for support may make them a little uncomfortable, but our hope is that others can understand they really are serving as missionaries for the summer. So as not to create any more stress for them, we send out letters, and initial thank you letters on their behalf. However, once they are here, we have special times set aside for each of them to write thank-you and update letters to each of their supporters during the summer.

Salaries for our summer staff alone represent about 15% of our budget.  You can help alleviate this burden on us by participating in this new opportunity to support our Summer Missionary Team.

The stipend that a first-year summer missionary receives is $1500. Maybe you’re coming to this page because you received one of the letters, or maybe you just stumbled upon this page. Either way, we know it’s not by accident that you are reading this. Please consider supporting our Summer Missionary Team. You can do this through the link below, or by mailing a check.

But we don’t want your commitment to stop there. Our summer missionaries love to get mail, and they love to know that people are praying for them. We would love for you to commit to doing this. In fact, even if you can’t monetarily support our staff, please consider supporting them in these ways. E-mail or call one of us here at camp, and we will be happy to send you the same information of one or multiple staff members. Other ways you can support them is by inviting them over for a home-cooked meal, or taking them out to a meal on a weekend. Whatever you can come up with will be a great benefit to them.


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